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ILS Portable Tools and Systems for Sustainable Development

ILS International has been developing a family of portable systems and tools that will enable the poorest of the poor to come into the information age. Each of these tools are designed for use in developing nations where transportation and lack of access to electricity are major limitations to development.  Each of these tools and systems are contained in a standard 5 inch Samsonite briefcase for maximum portability and protection from dust, mold and insects . The goal of each of these portable and solar powered tools is to bring credibility back to walking and zero dependency on the oil producing nations. The basic portable energy system that provides the ac and dc energy for each these systems has been successfully field tested in some of the harshest locations of the world, i.e. the mountains of Nepal, the deserts of Mali and the jungles of central Congo, DRC (formerly Zaire). 

  • Portable Library / In cooperation with Shellbook Publishing Sytems, ILS International is launching a digital "Portable Library Project."  The long range goal of this project is to have a 1,000 volume digital library containing the most practical and proven resources of "life cruicial information" needed for sustainable individual and community development. This 1,000 volume digital library will be published on a series of CD-ROMs that will work on either a PC or MAC computer. Each Portable Library volume will focus on a specific subject relating to sustailable development -- i.e. water/sanitation, food/agriculture, shelter/housing, energy/fuel, health/medicine, tools/appropriate technology, knowledge/traditional wisdom, balanced/integrated development, etc. Each CD-ROM will contain 50-100 of best and most practical materials for each topic/subject (i.e. books, booklets, reports, construction drawings, etc.) for use at the village level. Each of these "portable libraries" will then be "contextualized" or "localized" for the many languages and cultures of the world using the new Shellbook software by Shellbook Publishing Systems. The complete 1,000+ volume library is being designed to seriously give and poorest of the poor and the minority peoples of the world access to life crucial information through a network of Learning Resource Centers (LRCs).

  • Portable School / A companion set of courseware modules is being developed to be used with each of its "Portable Libraries". Each courseware module will include a set of lesson plans, reading assignments and learning activities that are directly related to the 100 or more books, documents, handbooks or manuals on each of the "Portable Libraries". This modular approach to learning will give maximum flexibility in developing a large variety of courses.   

  • Portable Office / This system includes a PC notebook, a combination color printer/scanner and optional office automation software all packaged in a 5 inch briefcase.

  • Portable Multimedia / using a laptop pc with a DVD drive or a portable DVD player (size: 6" x 6", weight: 2 lbs.)  By early 2006 Mitsubishi will be releasing their new PocketProjector. This mini marvel weighs only 14 ounces, uses tiny LED bubs (that will last 10,000 hours) in combination with a DLP chip and will allow you to project full motion movies from your notebook PC, pocket PC or the new 30GB or 80GB iPod with video onto a 40" diagonal screen. Total projected retail price for the mini projector is just $ 700.

    See Mitsubishi's web site for details:

  • Portable Publishing House / 30 pound publishing system -- design, print, adapt and distribute life cruicial information using the Shellbook Micro-Publishing Process and the Capacity Localization Process by Shellbook Publishing Systems in connection with a laptop notebook or pocket PC and combination color printer/scanner 

  • Portable Mapping / fly, drive or walk to any location on earth using one of the moving map software packages by Control Vision, DeLorme, FUGAWI, Jeppesen, MapTech, or OzziExplorer. These packages can be run on your PC notebook or any Pocket PC system using a wireless geo positioning system (GPS).  ILS is also in the early stages of designing a Digital Atlas of the World (DAW) using a very high end geo information system (GIS).  This system incorporates all of the data from the "Digital Chart of the World" (DCW) and the latest NASA satelletite photos. The new GDAW will be available in three different formats: printed maps via the internet, CD-ROM or DVD pachages and online via the internet through a monthly or annual subscription service. The projected date for this new internet service and related CD-ROMs or DVDs is the third quarter of 2007.

  • Portable Telecommunications / using a satellite phone -- the global telecom package allows you to turn each of the above systems into a virtual system; a virtual school with a virtual library, virtual office, virtual multimedia, virtual publishing house and virtual mapping system.
  • Portable WiFi Hotspots, Wireless Hotspots or Personal IP Zones / ILS is now designing a small system that fits within a small 5" briefcase.  This system will enable the user to immediately turn any room, cafe, classroom into a WiFi Hotspot in just a couple of minutes -- or the time it take you to boot up your computer. The neat part about this system is that is toally independent of any phone line or any AC power connection. The entire system runs on rechargeable AA batteries.  Using this system any PC computer can become your wireless Linux server. The possibilities are really limitless. The most remoted communities and medical facilities can now quickly bridge the digital divide through cutting edge IPzone technology at a very modest cost.

  • Portable Energy System / Each of the above systems are powered by ILS's uniquely designed multi-voltage portable power pack (PES) that receives its power from a 6 or 12 volt dc battery. Each portable system can be recharged using 110-240 volt AC chargers or ILS's self contained solar system.  Many of these systems have now undergone four to eight years of field testing in the world's harshest environments. ILS is presently redesigning its portable power packs from a sealed gell cell battery technology to the newer "smart cell" rechargeable AA batteries. Instead of taking 10-18 hours to recharge the portable power pack, the new system will allow you to recharge the AA batteries in just 1-2 hours using an AC charger or a small solar system. This way you can stock and use just one battery type for all of your portable equipment -- cell phone, PDAs, pocket PCs, portable printer, computer, phone modem or wireless broadband router.