ILS International
Equipping our pioneers for the new frontiers

About ILS International

Information and Learning Systems International is a high-tech non-profit service agency that uses appropriate technologies to focus on the "life crucial" information and learning needs of the poorest of the poor around the world.  ILS International is a systems integrator that specializes in overcoming the "digital divide" by designing, field testing, and producing tools (both hardware and software) for our pioneers working in the most difficult areas of the world.

  • ILS Motto -- Equipping our Pioneers for the New Frontiers
    ILS feels that the most effectively way we can serve others is by equipping our pioneers with tools, systems and processes that have been developed and tested in cooperation with the host culture at the grass roots level.

  • ILS Focus -- ILS focuses on designing, field testing and producing information and learning systems that give priority to the learning needs of the poorest of the poor around the world. Our long term goal is to help bridge the "digital divide" by enabling the poorest of the poor to have access to the "life crucial" information, knowledge and wisdom needed for sustainable and balanced development. See the ILS Tools & Systems section for information on ILS's expanding family of portable tools and systems for sustainable and balanced development.

  • ILS Philosophy -- ILS's philosophy is captured in the Chinese development proverb that states: "Go to the people, work with the people, live with the people, love the people, build on what they know, and when you leave they will say 'and we did it all ourrselves'."  See our "Philosophy" section for a more detailed description. 

  • ILS Strategy -- ILS's strategy is to focus its limited resources on sustainable rural development through tools, systems and processess that give the poorest of the poor access to life crucial information.  ILS feels that one of the most effective ways to accomplish this goal is through strategic alliances and partnership and development of Learning Resource Centers. Experience has shown us that a major problem is often not the lack of innovation but, rather, the difussion of innovation.

  • ILS Management -- ILS is managed by a Board of Directors who meet annually. ILS's nine board members, have over 260 years of cross-cultural wisdom and are highly experienced in the fields of international agriculture, cross-cultural leadership development at the international, national and grass-root levels, global mentoring, national and community development, global internet systems, global telecom systems and cross-cultural educational systems. ILS and its Board of Directors are highly committed to "nation building" and the "transformation of cultures" -- from the village level to the international level.