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December 16, 2019

Announcing ILS International's new

Countries and Peoples of the World                                                                            Mobile Ministry Info System DVD

Now available at the on-line bookstore

Purpose of this Mobile Ministry Info System . . .

The purpose of this unique DVD, and it's Companion Web Site is to equip global leaders with a set of powerful mobile digital tools that contain the latest information and status for each of the 235 countries of the world, all of the 6,906 living languages of the world and related 16,000+ people groups of the world.

Think of this DVD as a Mobile Ministry Library that will enable you to research, plan, locate and update any project from the palm of your hand using any iPad, iPad Mini, Android tablet, PC or Mac computer. This digital library includes reports, documents, journal articles, and Country, Language and People PROfiles totalling over 58,000 pages. These documents cover ministry strategies, critical issues and trends relating to our global future, including: poverty, hunger, HIS/AIDS, urbanization, sustainable development, world faiths, minorities, persecution, literacy, orality, and the least reached.

Summary of the Digital Tools on this DVD . . .
Country Status Tools - Reports and PROfiles

    World Factbook - The latest stats for 238 nations / over 3,875 pages  
    Background Notes - The latest 4-22 reports for 194 nations / over 2,000+ pages  
    Country PROfiles - Two-page PROfiles for 235 nations / over 70 key indicators

    Language &
People Group Status Tools - Reports & PROfiles

    Languages of the World Directory - Detailed report for languages over 50,000 
   Country Language Reports - 4 Reports: Location, Religion, Pop.& Scripture Status
    People PROfiles - One-page PROfiles for 16,350 People Groups / 80 key indicators

Geo Context Tools: Maps - Continent, Region & Country

     Africa: Continent Atlas - Topo and Language Maps
     Africa: Regional Planning Atlas - 10 topo maps showing major cities
     Country Planning Atlas - over 160 maps showing provinces and capitals

     Orientation Tool: PathLight - Toward Global Awareness
     This 166 page Digital Book sheds light on God's heart for the nations

     through five paths: Biblical, Historical, Strategic, Cultural and Partnership.
     Each of the five sections contain articles written by key mission leaders,
     including: John R.W. Stott, Edward R. Dayton, David Garrison, Paul G.
     Hiebert, Bob Moffitt, George Patterson and Don Richardson.

    Ministry Tools: Evangelism, Discipleship & Church Planting
    On-Line Scripture Access - Instant access to God's word in three formats
    (via the Internet):
       Audio - Hear the Dramatized Audio New Test. in over 500 languages
       Audio-Visual - Hear and see the JESUS Film in over 1,000 languages
       Visual - Read God's Word in over 1,000 languages

   "equipping our pioneers for the new frontiers"

Additional Tools and Key DVD Features . . .

Lausanne Documents
and Cape Town 2010 Videos - 63 Lausanne Ocassional Papers and 17 Cape Town 2010 videos

Journal Articles - International Journal of Frontier Missiology - Over 20 years of back issues - 3,500+ pages

Cities of the World - A 6,000+ page directory of over 173,000 cities of the world (cities with a population over 10,000). The report is sorted by country, province/state, and city name.

Airports of the World - A 1,800+ page directory of over 44,000 airports, heliports and sea plane bases. The report is sorted by country, province/state, city and airport name.

Web Links - Ministry Links / MisLinks: 157 page guide to over 3,000 ministry links -- Country and Cultural Links / Portals to the World: 6,274 page annotated guide to over 62,000 links

Instant search - All of the documents, lists, PROfiles, articles, and maps have been pre-indexed, so you can quickly search by any word or phrase on any of the 58,000+ pages on the DVD

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